How To Stop Sucking At Dating: Meet More Women By Finding Inner Confidence

inner confidenceFind Your Inner Best Self

We’ve all been there – down in the dumps about our relationship status, not sure how to get out of the funk of a number of disappointing dates. It’s important to remember that questioning yourself is only helpful up to a point. After a while, constant questioning will just hold you back. Maybe you are depressed like I was, and in this mood you think of yourself as the ugliest, most hopeless guy in the world, fated to die permanently single.

Or maybe you’ve just come off a few really awkward dates, where you just lost the plot and made a fool of yourself by getting too drunk and being rude, or running out of things to say and letting the silence run on and on and on. Well hey, I have been there: I was that guy who went on a bunch of awkwards dates and lost all my confidence. After read this dating blog, I have decided to change my lifestyle I eventually came around to the fact that I needed to change my dating style to one more based on instigation.

Once you start making the changes I recommend in your lifestyle patterns you will regain that confidence and inner strength that women find so attractive. Women will start looking at you differently, and you will gain a whole reservoir of energy and excitement about your dating prospects. So, the first question is: how to rebuild that confidence? How to be more attractive?

How To Be More Attractive

Physical Fitness

There’s no question that being more physically active improves the perception we have of ourselves. Working out means a lot of different thing: lifting weights, jogging, yoga, biking, swift walking – basically anything that brings your heart rate above its regular pulse. Give it a couple weeks and you will start feeling supercharged and full of positivity and focus. If you live in the San Diego area, I recommend The Fit City Gym or Xplicit fitness to get you started. I’ve always found that the more active I am, the better my dates go because I have the energy and curiosity to really get to know my date. Ladies love talking about physique and working out, and most likely your date as a workout regime too.

Another tip that has worked for me is to take a date to a rock climbing gym – if you live in the San Diego area check out the Vital Climbing Gym. This are really fun places where you’re forced to bond and work together to succeed. Little things like this go a long way!

Why not recommend meeting a date for lunch at a salad and raw juice bar? That takes a lot of the pressure off of meeting for a fancy dinner or drinks, and gives something to bond over right away. Let me tell you: I keep meeting more and more ladies who are just addicted to eating raw and making their own juices. Personally, I go on a lot of dates for salad or juice in the afternoon. Just casual affairs that allow my authentic personality to come out.

In the dating game, eating well is one of the most attractive traits out there, for a number of obvious reasons. Your date will be impressed by your dietary control. She will also probably comment on your complexion, which is a nice way of saying she finds you attractive. That should break the ice for you.

About a year ago my sister went shopping with me, because I was just sick of all my clothing. She helped me pick out a whole new wardrobe, and I could not be happier. What we wear has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves, about how we appear to others. If you feel schmucky, it’s probably reflected in your outfits. My sister took me to the Fresh Yard here in San Diego, which had everything I wanted and more. Don’t go for the chain stores; look instead for local boutique stores because they carry the most original stuff.

I cannot recommend enough going out with a friend or sibling (preferably a women!) and picking out clothing that will make you feel dynamic, exciting, challenging, and overall just positive. You want to feel like a polished professional who is confident enough to wear bright colours. People that are well dressed make an excellent first impression, which is always important on a first date.

If you follow these three lifestyle recommendations then it will only be a matter of time for you to break out of the funk and onto the dating dancefloor that won’t stop rockin. All you have to do is learn how to be more attractive.