Sexual Relationships Behind Closed Doors: Do’s and Dont’s

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One of my favorite things about online dating is that you can get involved with someone in secret, without your partner knowing! You could also get involved with someone who is seeing you behind their partner’s back. It can definitely help you out of a pretty sticky situation, as happened to me. I was in a dysfunctional relationship with someone and just out of frustration I began to search for other options. It was such a great feeling, knowing that I was doing this secret thing with someone else that no one else knew about. We met up a couple of times at a hotel near my apartment, and those moments gave me the confidence to break up with my girlfriend.

Of course this is risky territory, because let me tell you: you don’t want to get caught. That first time I was cheating on my girlfriend this way she eventually found out. Needless to say, she ended it right there and then. So I’ve compiled a list of Do’s and Dont’s to help you keep any online dating activities a secret. I find that following this guide has made it more exhilarating to meet ladies, and brings out my creative side in finding places to meet, things to do, and ways to communicate. Almost like a secret agent, who must remain discreet in the face of constant surveillance, you have to be extremely stealthy in how you navigate secret sexua relationships.

Sexual Relationships Behind Closed Doors: The Do’s

Communicate on your personal Laptop: It’s never a good idea to log on to your dating site on a shared computer, or even your cell-phone. Depending on how close you are with your partner, any connection between you and online dating is just too risky! I used to use my girlfriend’s laptop to check into my online dating account once and awhile – but I would delete the history right after. Also, a lot of dating sites have apps for your phone. From experience I recommend not using them, because you just never know.

Suggest to always meet at their apartment, or in their neighbourhood: Once I was walking with an online date in the neighbourhood where my actual girlfriend lived, and I spotted her getting groceries! My heart jumped right out of my chest, and quickly escorted my date into a cafe I knew my girlfriend did not frequent. You want to avoid these awkward instances by always making plans in places you are unfamiliar with. As someone who likes and adventure anyways, it’s probably something you’re up for anyways.

Use a “Boys Night Out” to meet more ladies: Chances are your girlfriend will suspect nothing if you say you’re going for a boys night out. Use that excuse to make plans with an online fling, and let the night take you away. This is probably all you will need to enjoy the pleasures of the online dating world.

Sexual Relationships Behind Closed Doors: The Dont’s

Carry on more than a few dates with the same lady: If you want to break up with your girlfriend and start dating a different lady, then just do that. If you’re like me, and you just want to have casual sex with random ladies here and there, then it’s best to keep meet ups with the same person to a max of 2.

Ever invite someone else to your place: This is a sure-fire way to get found out. Even the smell of a different person can be detected with ease. It’s much better to get a hotel room close by then have someone stay the night.

Tell anyone else about the little escapades: Keep this little activity a secret between you and your date. I also advice not telling your dates that you have a relationship. Things will stay casual if you don’t let yourself get attached, because once your heart dictates the actions you will get in trouble. There are some sites that are better for finding ladies who are into this kind of thing, but as much as you can try to keep it a secret from anyone else.

Ask too many questions about the other person: It’s easier if you don’t know anything about her personal life. Playing in the online dating world means exploring intimacy and mystery in ways you never have before. Let your imagination go wild and forget about who she actually is, or what is at stake. I’ve found that the best sex comes out of these wild, surprising one-time encounters – so don’t ask too many questions!